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When will Sterling Ranch get a Grocery Store?

One question I get all the time from potential Sterling Ranch homebuyers is: When will Sterling Ranch get a grocery store?

Currently, we've got a nearby but older Safeway in Roxborough, a King Soopers in Highlands Ranch (about 15 minutes away), and a standout King Soopers Marketplace in Castle Rock (a bit far, but it's really nice). While these locations give us some options, I know that many are wondering if and when Sterling Ranch will get our own King Soopers.

With the projected growth and the number of new residents flowing in, a grocery store within Sterling Ranch would certainly thrive, but we are still quite a ways out from the 12,000+ homes that are anticipated upon completion. Currently, there's a delicate balance between the demand and the population that must be achieved for a new grocery store to make economic sense. As much as we would love one right now, retailers are keen on ensuring that there's a sufficient population to support their operations. So, it's a game of patience. For example, Highlands Ranch was built out in the 90s and 2000s, and it took until around 2018 for the Central Park area to be developed. (This is the area with the UC Health Hospital, apartments, and places to eat like Torchy's and Postino)

Unfortunately there really isn't much that is known about retail plans at Sterling Ranch. Since the beginning, they have advertised a town center area named Paramount Center in their village map. While the boundaries of each village in Sterling Ranch have changed a bit, they are slowly being built out. However, we don't know when Paramount Center will be started, assuming it is still happening.

Though news on Paramount Center is quiet, there is some early indications of retail space elsewhere. The latest filings with Douglas County show the potential for over 400 apartments off of Waterton Rd and Eagle River St, with space reserved for  5,000 square feet of retail space (split between two buildings). While this may not immediately translate to a grocery store, it's an encouraging indication that Sterling Ranch is preparing to develop some retail stores.

As we continue to grow, stay tuned for updates on the development of Sterling Ranch. I'll keep a close eye on the available plans and will relay any news as it arises.

For now, we have quality shopping options a short drive away, and many exciting changes to look forward to. If you're just as excited about the future of Sterling Ranch and considering becoming a part of this budding community, reach out to me. Let's explore the plans and potential together, finding the perfect place for you in Sterling Ranch or the surrounding Denver area.

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