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When will Retail come to Sterling Ranch?

Hello again, neighbors and future residents! As your devoted Sterling Ranch real estate guide, I've been keeping an eye on the retail landscape as it continues to evolve around our vibrant community. Many of you have been curious about the shopping options and, more excitingly, when we can expect the development of our very own Paramount Center. So, let's delve into the current retail scene and the future of our local marketplace.

Retail Now

Sterling Ranch is positioned near some fantastic shopping destinations, although it can seem like a bit of a drive to get out of the neighborhood and onto a major road. 

Just a 15 minute drive away is Aspen Grove, an open-air shopping mall with charming boutiques and dining options, perfect for enjoying Colorado's sunny days. 

For a more extensive retail excursion, Park Meadows Mall is a 20 minute drive along 470. It's Colorado's largest indoor mall and offers a wide array of stores, from luxury brands to home goods.

Near Park Meadows, convenience is key with IKEA, REI, Costco, and Sam's Club close by. Whether it's furniture, outdoor gear, or stocking up on household essentials, these stores are not too far away.

Retail Tomorrow

Okay, realistically not tomorrow... Everyone is wondering when Sterling Ranch will get a retail center of its own, something that could make our neighborhood feel more like Highlands Ranch or the newer area of Castle Rock. Unfortunately, Sterling Ranch hasn't provided much information on when retail development will start.

While the village map of the neighborhood shows a future retail area named the Paramount Center, there really hasn't been any further information since that map was released. 

However, there has been some development on the Roxborough side by Waterton Rd, with a Sherwin Williams paint store and McDonalds being built.

Recent filings with Douglas County have also revealed plans for additional apartments off Waterton Road, which will incorporate 5,000 square feet of retail space. While this new addition may not bring us large scale stores, it's certainly a starting point.

Picture of the recent filing, showing a very small amount of retail space near the top right
Picture of the recent filing, showing a very small amount of retail space near the top right

Staying Informed

The development of large-scale projects like the Paramount Center often operates on a flexible timeline, subject to changes in planning and community feedback. Retail franchises will need to see enough demand and traffic from the surrounding area. This should be doable with 12,000 potential homes in Sterling Ranch, and a future population many times that.

Looking Ahead

If you're equally eager for the retail opportunities to unfold in Sterling Ranch or have any questions about building or buying in this incredible location, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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