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Sterling Ranch Residents: US-85 to be closed March 8th through March 14th

A section of the new bridge (left) and old bridge (right)
A section of the new bridge (left) and old bridge (right)
Hello Sterling Ranch Neighbors! As you know, Santa Fe (US-85) near Sterling Ranch is undergoing major construction to add additional lanes and create safer and more efficient intersections. This project will be complete in 2025 and is going to lead to some temporary traffic changes in the meantime.

As part of the project, the old bridge across C-470 will be demolished. This will require a full road closure for both US-85 and C-470 next week. The closure will be from 7 p.m. on Friday, March 8, through 5:30 a.m. Thursday, March 14.

What to Expect

Since Santa Fe is the main way out of Sterling Ranch and towards Littleton and Denver, it's expected to impact the commutes of many residents.

Here's the scoop on what's going down:

  • The full interchange closure will block any access to C-470 from US-85 and vice versa.

  • Closures will affect the entire stretch of US-85 between County Line Road and Blakeland Drive in Highlands Ranch.

  • Through traffic on C-470 won't be exempt either. 470 traffic will use the on and off ramps to bypass the section under the bridge. Expect heavy traffic as all vehicles must get on and off again at this point.

As always, Colorado weather plays by its own rules. If it doesn't cooperate, the closures and work will be pushed to a later date (they have already been pushed back one day, from the 7th to 8th). So, let's keep our fingers crossed for smooth sailing.

Why This Matters

Janet Herman, the director of Public Works for Douglas County, touched on the temporary inconvenience but emphasized the long-term benefits - safer and more efficient U.S 85 corridor, meeting modern safety standards.

The bridge in question has been around since November 1968, so this work marks a significant upgrade. Crews will be moving a gigantic amount of material: We're talking over 10 million pounds of dirt alone, which will be used to protect 470 from falling parts of the bridge.

Beyond the Closure

You may be asking how they are going to fit even more lanes onto the new bridge section (which opened in 2023). They are actually planning to build a second new bridge in place of the demolished bridge, which will handle northbound traffic. This will allow each side of the bridge to have plenty of space for the additional lanes, and will increase safety with wider lanes instead of the very cramped configuration that we have now.

Hopefully, this breakdown helps you navigate the upcoming changes with a little more ease. For any Sterling Ranch residents thinking about buying or selling in this ever-evolving community, reach out to me. Navigating the real estate journey -- much like detouring around construction -- is always smoother with a knowledgeable guide by your side.

Safe travels, everyone, and feel free to share this with friends and neighbors who might need a heads-up!

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