Sterling Ranch Homes

Pioneering Ultra-Fast Internet

As someone keeping a close eye on real estate trends and technological advancements in home features, I'm excited to tell you about the cutting-edge internet services you can expect when living in Sterling Ranch, which has established itself as the first "1-gig" community, ensuring that every home has access to gigabit fiber from Quantum Fiber (a subsidiary of Lumen, formerly CenturyLink). Gigabit fiber means you'll enjoy internet speeds capable of handling all your streaming, gaming, remote work, and smart home devices without a hiccup.

But that's not all. Sterling Ranch homes are equipped with an Eero mesh wifi system, taking home wifi to the next level. Unlike traditional routers, Eero systems enable better coverage and consistently strong performance throughout your home. No more dead spots or buffering---just smooth, reliable connectivity.

The Future is Blazing Fast with 8 Gig Internet

By the end of 2024, homes in Sterling Ranch will boast an astounding 8 gig internet capability. This breakthrough is made possible by the introduction of XGS-PON technology. To put into perspective just how advanced this is, the upcoming 8 gigabit per second speed is 40 times faster than the average advertised U.S. download speed. As a work-from-home enthusiast or tech-savvy individual, this connectivity will truly set Sterling Ranch apart from other neighborhoods.

Ready to Connect?

Sterling Ranch's commitment to high-tech living extends beyond just convenience; it's about creating a community designed for the future. If you're eager to be part of this ultra-connected, tech-forward neighborhood and want to know more about homes in Sterling Ranch, let's have a chat. As your real estate professional with a finger on the pulse of Sterling Ranch's advancements, I am excited to guide you through the vast benefits this community has to offer.

Let's find your new home!

Chris is a real estate agent who specializes in helping clients build, buy, and sell homes. Here are some benefits I offer to new construction clients:

  • Projected Budget of Your New Home
  • Pre-Drywall Inspection
  • 3D Matterport Model
  • On-Site Photos During Construction
  • Lot Selection & Design Center Consultations
  • Full Service Realtor Services

Remember, the builder pays my commission, so these benefits are available at no cost to you!

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