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New Build or Resale In Sterling Ranch?

Are you thinking about purchasing a new construction home in Sterling Ranch? Another option to consider is the variety of re-sale homes going on the market in the neighborhood. As the first homes here were built in 2017 and 2018, many of them are now up for sale by the original owners. This gives you the opportunity to quickly close on an almost new home, without having the hassle of doing everything that original owners have to do (did you know you would need to get blinds, fencing, and backyard landscaping for a new construction home in Colorado?). 

The Appeal of New Builds in Sterling Ranch

The idea of moving into a never-before-lived-in home with the latest design features and modern appliances is certainly captivating. Selecting your countertops, tile, flooring, and cabinets really lets you personalize your home. You will also get a one year warranty and brand-new appliances, so repair and maintenance costs in the first few years are minimal.

However, you will be waiting anywhere from 8 to 12 months after going under contract before you can move into your new home. You will also need to deal with inspections and possible construction delays, making sure that you stay on top of your builder and that anything is resolved quickly and properly (something I can help with).

The Benefits of Resale Homes in Sterling Ranch

On the flip side, consider the nearly new resale homes emerging on the market. These can combine the best of both worlds - modern floorplans and finishes with the added bonus of completed upgrades like fully landscaped backyards, installed window treatments, and fenced perimeters. There will be a lot less stress in the transaction, knowing that all of that is already taken care of.

The Middle Ground: Spec Homes

If living in a brand new home makes you excited, but waiting a year does not, then "spec" homes are another option to consider. Spec homes are homes that the builder is currently building without any buyer under contract.

Some spec homes available in addition to new build plans
Some spec homes available in addition to new build plans

As the real estate market has slowed down since the peak in 2022, builders in Sterling Ranch are struggling to find buyers. To keep the neighborhood development moving along, they need to continue building homes, even if they don't immediately have a buyer. They will select middle ground options and styles that appeal to most buyers, in hope of finding one sometime during the building process. There are currently a lot of these on the market, allowing you to claim one and move in within months to weeks.

Here to Help You Decide

As someone with experience in Sterling Ranch real estate, I can provide insights into the nuances between choosing a new build, spec home, or resale home. If you're ready to explore the possibilities, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! Remember, having a real estate agent represent you in a new home transaction costs nothing to you - the builder pays the commission.

Let's find your new home!

Chris is a real estate agent who specializes in helping clients build, buy, and sell homes. Here are some benefits I offer to new construction clients:

  • Projected Budget of Your New Home
  • Pre-Drywall Inspection
  • 3D Matterport Model
  • On-Site Photos During Construction
  • Lot Selection & Design Center Consultations
  • Full Service Realtor Services

Remember, the builder pays my commission, so these benefits are available at no cost to you!

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