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Navigating Commutes from Sterling Ranch

If you are moving from afar, you might also be looking for a new place of employment when moving to Sterling Ranch. While Sterling Ranch’s surroundings are still fairly undeveloped, there are some major workplaces within moderate driving distance.

Downtown Denver

Depending on the route and time of day, you're looking at a drive that can range from 45 minutes to an hour. It’s a fairly simple drive, simply taking Santa Fe until I-25. However, traffic can be particularly bad and might make this commute frustrating. Another option is to drive to the Mineral/Littleton station (about 15 minutes away), and take the light rail the rest of the way.

Denver Tech Center (DTC)

A closer option that still offers a ton of workplaces is the Denver Tech Center. Located off of I-25 in the Centennial area, it is about a 30 minute drive during rush hour. You can take 470 nearly the entire way, which tends to have less traffic (and an express lane, in case the commute is slow).

Lockheed Martin

While there are pretty much no major employers in the immediate vicinity of Sterling Ranch, Lockheed Martin stands out. Professionals affiliated with the aerospace and defense sectors will be pleased to find that Lockheed Martin's Waterton Campus is located around 5-10 minutes away. This commute is as stress-free as they come, as you can access it from the west side of Sterling Ranch, passing through Roxborough and towards Waterton canyon. Lockheed is actually one of the reasons for the new apartments in Sterling Ranch, which were designed partially for attracting employees to the area.

Castle Rock

If dealing with traffic heading towards the city isn’t your thing, you can also take Santa Fe south towards Castle Rock. It’s about a 20 minute drive, and offers a more relaxed and scenic route through the rolling hills of Douglas County. Speaking of which, the county services are headquartered in downtown Castle Rock - so jobs at the courthouse, human services department, and public works department are available here.

Highlands Ranch

Nearby Highlands Ranch is also home to a new UC Health hospital and Colorado Children’s Hospital. Highlands Ranch is very close by, at a short 15 minute drive, this is certainly a location to consider especially for those in the healthcare field.

Let's Find Your Perfect Place

Choosing a place to live that marries your career and lifestyle aspirations is vital, and Sterling Ranch offers that synergy. As your industrious real estate agent, I understand the importance of a palatable commute. I’m dedicated to helping you find not just a house, but a home that represents a true sanctuary, conveniently positioned near your place of employment. If the well-rounded living experience of Sterling Ranch resonates with you, get in touch with me. We'll discuss your commute preferences, work life, and how to integrate these seamlessly within the Sterling Ranch community. Whether you're aiming for the economic heart of Downtown Denver, the bustling DTC, or the innovative environment of Lockheed Martin, let's make sure your days begin and end in a home that truly complements your lifestyle.

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