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Keeping Up with the Sterling Ranch CAB

Sterling Ranch has a unique set up with their Community Authority Board rather than an HOA. The CAB performs the functions of the Sterling Ranch Metro Districts, which are special-purpose local government entities responsible for financing, construction, acquisition, operation and maintenance of public improvements. The metro districts are funded through your property tax bill, and provide services that a local government normally would. This includes water and sewer, road maintenance, recreational amenities, and more. The CAB also performs typical HOA duties like covenant enforcement, so despite the name, you are not escaping the oversight of an HOA.

Since the CAB is so intertwined with the development of Sterling Ranch, they can be a good source for community news as well as a way to have your voice heard. The CAB has various sub-committees such as the construction committee, design review committee, resident advisory committee, and more. You can find the meeting dates on the website if you are interested in attending, but more importantly, you can also read the meeting minutes for each committee. They are generally made available a couple months after the meeting takes place.

Here's a link:

Click the green checkmark next to to meetings with available minutes to read them.

For example, this meeting summary gives us some details on a new splash pad and pool! Residents have been rather vocal about the lack of additional community centers in Sterling Ranch (as the one built so far won't be able to handle the demand for the entire neighborhood) so this is great news.

Splash Pad at Overlook: Jess Ehlen presented the proposal from WhiteCo Solutions, and Jason Gilliana made a presentation on their services. Their proposal is for the design process with engineering drawings and will include what prices the proposals could come in at. Once we have the design and drawings, we will send this out to public bid.

Progress Park: The committee task force for the pool and bathhouse designs met this morning at Woodley Architecture. The bathhouse design is taking shape as a Mid-Century Mountain set of buildings with butterfly rooflines that draw visitors into the pool.

Several proposals, including engineering for the design build public bidding process, civil engineering, irrigation design, and surveying, are working through the Finance Committee and Board approval process.

I encourage every resident to stay engaged with the CAB's activities. Your voice matters in shaping the community's future.

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