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When will Solstice get Restaurants and Retail?

If you've checked out Solstice already, you will know this neighborhood is set a bit off the beaten path. This seclusion is part of what creates the peaceful ambiance that Solstice residents love, but it also means that popping out for a quick bite or errand isn't always so quick. As the community grows, one question is on the mind of many: "When will we see more retail and food options sprouting up nearby?"

Here's the positive twist: Sterling Ranch, our neighboring community across the way, is projected to house around 12,000 homes at full build-out. This kind of growth isn't just good for the housing market; it's also the critical mass needed to support retail services, fast food joints, and hopefully another grocery store. The plans for Sterling Ranch include Paramount Center, a large town center surrounding the current location of the Titan Road roundabout. Unfortunately, besides some concept images, updates on this development have been nonexistent.

Approximate location of the future Paramount Center at Sterling Ranch
Approximate location of the future Paramount Center at Sterling Ranch

A Glimmer of Hope on the Horizon

While we await more definitive news on Paramount Center, there are other developments that suggest progress is inching closer. Preliminary filings hint at the arrival of both McDonald's and Starbucks near the Safeway off Waterton Road, across from the new Prospect Village apartments --- a signal that national chains are seeing the potential in this area.

Moreover, Sterling Ranch's recent filings for Avalon Bay apartments include proposals for retail spaces: specifically, two buildings, each offering 2,500 square feet of retail opportunity. Although it's not much, it's indeed a step in the right direction.

The vision for Sterling Ranch has always been one of walkability and convenience, with retail mixed seamlessly into the residential landscape. If this vision comes to fruition, it could mean a significant lifestyle upgrade for Solstice residents to take advantage of.

Staying Informed and Looking Ahead

As we continue monitoring preliminary filings and community plans, bear in mind that these development plans can and will change. As we have seen with other filings, what is initially promised is unfortunately not always what is delivered.

If you're considering making Solstice your home and have questions about future development and amenities, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm committed to keeping my finger on the pulse of our community, ensuring you can make the most informed decisions about life here. Together, we can look forward to a future that brings together the best of peaceful living and modern conveniences.

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