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The Importance of a Third Party Inspection

Purchasing a new construction home in a developing community like Solstice comes with the assurance of modern design, fresh materials, and up-to-date technologies. Yet, even with the builder's quality checks and county inspections, I highly recommend buyers use third-party home inspector to professionally inspect your home. 

A home in Solstice in the framing phase
A home in Solstice in the framing phase

Beyond the Builder's Checks

Despite being a new home, new homes are almost never perfect. The builder's internal inspections typically focus on meeting code standards and ensuring that the workmanship complies with their protocols. However, internal inspections can have blind spots due to human error, tight deadlines, oversight, or a lack of care. A third-party inspector brings a fresh, unbiased perspective to the evaluation, possibly catching issues that the builder's team may overlook.

The Limits of County Inspections

Douglas County will perform multiple inspections on your home as it is being built. While these local inspectors play a vital role in ensuring each new home complies with local building codes and regulations, their work mainly focuses on safety and code compliance, not the quality of workmanship. These officials are often tasked with inspecting numerous properties, which can lead to a more cursory look. They may not spend the time needed to examine every aspect of your home in detail. A third-party inspector is dedicated solely to your property and has your best interest in mind.

Key Inspection Stages in New Construction

When building a new home, there are several critical stages at which a third-party inspection can save you time, money, and future headaches:

Pre-Drywall Inspection

This is vital as it occurs before the walls are closed up. An inspector will look at the framing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. It's the last chance to address any issues with these elements before they are covered by drywall, making alterations more difficult and costly post-construction. They will check for issues like warped or uneven framing, missing joist hangers, broken trusses, incorrect electrical or plumbing work, and other structural or mechanical issues.

Final Walkthrough Inspection

Upon completion of the home but before closing, an inspector can ensure that the home is finished according to your contract and is move-in ready. This includes checking that all systems are functioning correctly and that finishes are correct. Most commonly we will see issues with drywall texture, switches or outlets that do not work, cracked or warped finishes, etc. You could find a lot of these issues yourself, but you remember to check for ALL of them? Inspectors also have tools that the average person doesn't - for example, they can use a thermal camera to verify that attic insulation was installed correctly, or use a moisture meter to check for hidden water damage surrounding shower walls.

11-Month Warranty Inspection

Homes in Solstice come with a one year builder's warranty. You will have a warranty appointment at 1, 5, and 11 months where you can bring warranty issues to the attention of the builder. These are oftentimes minor cosmetic issues like drywall screw pops, cracked grout, etc, but can sometimes be larger failures not identified in the previous inspections. Once again, you can write down these issues yourself and bring them to the builder, but it may also be useful to have an inspector take a look. They will be able to look for additional issues, especially in places that you may not be able to access or don't have knowledge about, such as the roof, siding, and mechanical systems.

The Peace of Mind Factor

Ultimately, having a third-party inspection is about peace of mind. Knowing an experienced professional has scrutinized various systems and structures of your new home can offer reassurance that you're making a sound investment. They will also have knowledge on what is "normal" and what isn't, so that you aren't second guessing if a potential issue is a problem or not.

If you need guidance on finding a qualified inspector or have any questions about new construction homes, I'm here to assist. My goal is to ensure that you move into a new home that's been thoroughly checked and vetted, giving you confidence and comfort from the moment you walk through the door. Reach out to me, and let's make sure your new home is everything you expect it to be.

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Chris is a real estate agent who specializes in helping clients build, buy, and sell homes. Here are some benefits I offer to new construction clients:

  • Projected Budget of Your New Home
  • Pre-Drywall Inspection
  • 3D Matterport Model
  • On-Site Photos During Construction
  • Lot Selection & Design Center Consultations
  • Full Service Realtor Services

Remember, the builder pays my commission, so these benefits are available at no cost to you!

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