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Fencing in Solstice (Good News!)

When it comes to choosing the perfect home, details matter—and that includes fencing. It’s actually one of the issues that I see brought up the most by prospective homebuyers. Thankfully, the Solstice Homeowners Association (HOA) has approved a fence design that allows for more privacy than other developments in the area.

The fence style we have in Solstice
The fence style we have in Solstice

In Solstice, all interior fences must be a 5ft “shadow-boxed” fence. Exterior fences (those facing the road or open space) will unfortunately have to be a 4ft “split-rail” fence. Split-rail fences have three horizontal beams and offer virtually no privacy, and I’ve seen many clients disappointed that they are required in other new-construction communities like Sterling Ranch. While Solstice doesn’t allow true privacy fences, I think most homeowners will prefer this design (and height) over the split rail option.

A shadow-boxed fence, for those not familiar with the term, consists of wood panels that alternate on either side of the central rail, creating an effect that offers both privacy and a stylish look. This design also allows for airflow, making it less likely that your fence blows down during our frequent high-wind days.

Shadow-boxed fence diagram
Shadow-boxed fence diagram

Members of the community have used various local companies to build and stain the fence (although you can pick up the stain at Home Depot and do it yourself).

  • Cowboy Fencing
  • Split Rail Fence Co
  • Front Range Fence

If you're considering making Solstice your new home and value both privacy and design elegance, let's talk about how this community fits your lifestyle. As a real estate agent with expertise in this neighborhood, I can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Reach out to me, and together we'll find the perfect home for you.

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