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Backyard Landscaping Information

If you are looking at buying a home in Solstice, you may be curious about the landscaping situation. 

Shea includes front yard landscaping, but backyard landscaping will be your responsibility. However, rumor has it that some recent spec homes are being sold with backyard landscaping included, so it may be possible to negotiate on this as sales are currently slow.

A lot with a dirt backyard
A lot with a dirt backyard

Finding a Landscaper

The HOA requires landscaping be completed 90 days after closing, except during the winter months. This might seem reasonable, but you would be surprised how booked out the local landscape companies are. I’d suggest contacting them and getting quotes (using your plot plan) far in advance of closing, as their schedules fill up quickly.

Here is a list of some landscapers that I’ve seen doing lots of work in the neighborhood:

  • LoMoon Landscaping
  • Omni Sprinkler and Landscape
  • Omega Designs
  • Landscape Connection
  • Designs by Sundown

Cost of Landscaping

Landscaping is not only grass! Remember that you will be paying for backyard irrigation, plants, trees, mulch, rock, and maybe a patio or path. While lots in Solstice are small, landscaping is in demand due to all the development, so prices are at a premium. You can expect to spend anywhere from 10k for a very basic backyard, or up to 40k if you go all out with fire pits, lighting, large paver patios, water features, etc.

If you are interested in gas or electric work in your backyard, you may also need to hire a separate licenced installer to dig the trenches and perform the work, as many landscapers do not do that.

Designing your Yard

A finished backyard in Solstice
A finished backyard in Solstice

While landscapers will be happy to give you a standard new build package (sod, rocks around perimeter, and a few approved trees/shrubs), you may want to think about anything custom that you would like to add, such as:

  • Patio or deck: A well-designed patio or deck can serve as an extension of your indoor living space. With Colorado's ample sunny days, an outdoor seating or dining area allows you to take full advantage of the pleasant weather.
  • Privacy features: Although the Solstice community is friendly and welcoming, privacy in your backyard can be limited due to how close the homes are. Consider privacy screens or trellises to make yourself feel a little more secluded.
  • Firepits or grills: Shea has an optional patio gas-line upgrade which could be used for a fire pit or grill on your patio. This costs around $1k, and I think it is well worth it to never bother with propane again.
  • Plant species: The HOA documents include a list of preferred trees and plants. For the sake of the environment, and your water bill, you will probably want to lean towards native Colorado plants. There are a few local nurseries that you can visit to get inspiration, such as The Gardens or Wilmore Nursery.

Getting Approval

The HOA does require that you submit your backyard plans for approval to ensure that it fits the neighborhood character. Your landscaper can probably create plans for them, or you can send in your own hand-drawn plans, it doesn’t have to be fancy. You will receive instructions as part of your purchase, but you can also ask the HOA or sales office for the form before closing so that you can get a head start.

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