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All about Open Space in Solstice

An unfortunate aspect of living out west is how small our lot sizes are. Even for new construction, you will be pressed up against your neighbor and might not have as much space as you’d expect for the price. Fortunately, new developments in Douglas County are required to dedicate a certain amount of acreage to open space in the community.


View from a trail in Solstice
View from a trail in Solstice

The developers of Solstice have set aside about 37% of the community to open space, according to county filings. There are approximately six miles of neighborhood trails for walking or biking, which connect to both the entrance of Chatfield State park, and to the High Line Canal Trail.

The High Line Canal trail is certainly worth checking out, and a good selling point for the community. This historic irrigation canal is lined with a trail that meanders through the Denver metro area. No more navigating sketchy intersections to get some exercise! You can enter the south segment from Bright Sky Lane in the center of the neighborhood, and take it all the way through Roxborough and into Waterton Canyon. The north section unfortunately has a short break in it due to private land, but by taking some trails through Chatfield, you can link up with the larger segment of the trail that flows throughout the neighborhoods of Denver, up to near the airport. Overall, both segments of the trail add up to 71 miles.


View from open space in Solstice
View from open space in Solstice

There are also two parks in Solstice (or, there will be). Solstice Park is mostly completed and is a 37 acre linear park that stretches across the center of the neighborhood. It features a small ampatheter, pavilion, and future “fun shade” area. There is a large grass lawn throughout the park that is perfect for neighborhood soccer games or picnics.

Holiday Park will be a smaller 2 acre park located in the center of the easternmost homes, which have yet to be developed.

Of course, there is also the entirety of the state park for further recreation. You can easily walk or bike in through the main entrance or surrounding trails.

The outdoor amenities in Solstice, particularly the trails and parks, are an open invitation to explore and appreciate the natural splendor of Colorado. They're crucial elements that make living in Solstice not just scenic, but engaging and vibrant.

As an advocate for both the real estate and lifestyle that Solstice offers, I encourage you to reach out if you have any questions about the community's outdoor amenities or if you're considering making Solstice your new home. Together, we can explore how this community might fit your aspirations for a life well-lived, where nature's beauty is always just steps away.

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