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Distance to Destinations from Solstice

One of the most important questions when deciding where to build your new home is how far it is from important destinations... Read more

May 13, 2023

The High Line House at Solstice

Just yards away from the High Line Canal and High Line Trail, the High Line House is Solstice’s community clubhouse and pool... Read more

Feb 5, 2023

Taking the Light Rail to Downtown

A stress-free, environmentally-friendly public transportation option that connects you from Littleton to the heart of the Mile High City... Read more

Oct 20, 2023

When will Solstice get Restaurants and Retail?

As the community grows, one question is on the mind of many: "When will we see more retail and food options sprouting up nearby?" ... Read more

Jul 29, 2023

Two State Parks in your Backyard

One of the reasons lots in Solstice are in such high demand is due to its proximity to two state parks... Read more

Dec 17, 2023

All about Open Space in Solstice

Fortunately, new developments in Douglas County are required to dedicate a certain amount of acreage to open space in the community... Read more

Feb 1, 2023