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Who Handles Snow Removal in Highlands Ranch?

A snow plow clearing residential streets in Denver - Arina P Habich/ShutterStock
A snow plow clearing residential streets in Denver - Arina P Habich/ShutterStock

Although moderate and quick to melt, we do receive a bit more snow here than in Denver proper. As a future resident potentially from somewhere without snow, you might be wondering, "Will I be digging my way out of my driveway every morning, or does the city have my back?"

While the Douglas County Public Works Department is responsible for clearing snow from public roadways, homeowners have their own part to play. In Highlands Ranch, residents are expected to clear snow from the sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours after a snowstorm ends. This means that if you're joining this community, you'll want to be prepared with a good snow shovel or even consider investing in a snowblower if you have a larger corner lot with a lot of sidewalk to manage.

Are Neighborhood Roads Plowed?

Douglas County has about 2,400 lane miles of public roadways, and they prioritize plowing major roads and then smaller collector roads. Residential roads and cul-de-sacs are lowest priority, and unfortunately do not get plowed very often due to how many there are. Since our snow here melts fast in the Colorado sun and is usually only a few inches, plows tend to skip residential streets in Highlands Ranch unless we get a major storm.

Getting Help When You Need It

For those who may need some assistance, Highlands Ranch has a spirit of looking out for each other. The community often organizes to help those who are unable to shovel their own sidewalks due to physical limitations. Keep an eye out on Nextdoor or the various Facebook groups to see if there are any kids in the neighborhood who are offering to help out for a small fee.

Live Conditions Report

Make sure to bookmark cotrip.org, which is CDOTs live road conditions report. You can also download their mobile app. On cotrip you can check the status of roads, see live webcams, and even see where CDOT plows are at. While the roads in highlands ranch are pretty predictable in a storm, you will want to take a look at COTrip if you are heading into the mountains for winter activities.

What This Means for You as a Home Buyer

When you're house hunting in Highlands Ranch, remember to consider the orientation of the property and how it might affect snow accumulation and melt. South-facing driveways can be a bonus here since they often see more sunlight and thus, faster melting.

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