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What is the Weather like in Highlands Ranch?

A sunny Colorado day at the Flatirons in Boulder, about an hour from Highlands Ranch
A sunny Colorado day at the Flatirons in Boulder, about an hour from Highlands Ranch

Hey there, future Highlands Ranch residents! Are you considering a move to the beautiful state of Colorado and wondering what to expect from Highlands Ranch weather? Let's talk about it!

If you are moving from another state, the weather here can be summed up as perfect. We actually get to enjoy each season, and none of them are too extreme.


Summer here can be hot, but not as hot as you might see in other states like Florida. It's a dry heat, which is more tolerable to some. Average highs are in the 80's, with some 90 and even 100 degree days thrown in there, especially in July. At night, temps drop into the 50s or 60s which makes summer mornings and evenings comfortable. Due to our position in the timezone, we can get up 15 hours of daylight, so those mornings start early with sunrise at 5:30 in mid June.

While the temps might not sound very high if you are coming from somewhere warmer, don't forget to consider how brutal the sun can be out here. We get over 300 days of sunshine and due to the elevation, sunburn sets in quick and you can feel the heat baking into your skin very quickly. With a hat and light but long sleeved clothing, spending time outdoors is no problem.

Rain is pretty uncommon year round in Colorado. We may only get a few rainstorms all summer, with most just being short 15 minute sunshowers. Hail can be a problem some years, so finding a home with a garage is important.


Winter is also pretty mild by most standards. We do not have long "depression winters" like the Midwest. For the most part, we still get tons of sun and small snowstorms. I'm talking a few inches every couple weeks usually. Temperatures reach the 30s to 50s during the day, and 10s to 30s at night. One thing about Denver is that the weather changes quick and is often times unpredictable. There are some really cold days in there, where the high may be 20, but also some spontaneous 60 degree warm days where it feels like spring in January.

A big concern for new residents is how this affects driving. For the most part, snow here melts very quickly, often the same day. You can get 2 inches of snow overnight and the roads will be near completely dry by late afternoon. Even on cloudy days, the strong sun finds a way to melt and evaporate it all quickly. There are usually only a few days per year where traffic is really impacted, so snow tires or AWD isn't a requirement unless you are going into the mountains regularly.

Winter offers a ton of outdoor sports in Colorado, with world class ski resorts. From Highlands Ranch, you can expect to spend about an hour and a half to get to poular ski resorts like Winter Park, Breckenridge, and Copper Mountain.


Fall and spring are both beautiful, with near perfect temperatures. Highs can be in the 60s or 70s with nightime lows in the 40s. It's a great time of year to go outside and see the spring flowers or autumn leaves.

Comparing Cities:

If you are still on the fence about where to live, I would recommend checking out a great site called WeatherSpark. You can see how the average highs/lows, rainfall, daylight, etc change throughout the year for various locations. More importantly,  you can easily compare them on this website. Here is the link to take a closer look at Highlands Ranch's weather: https://weatherspark.com/y/3717/Average-Weather-in-Highlands-Ranch-Colorado-United-States-Year-Round

Welcome to Your New Home

In Highlands Ranch, you'll get a bit of everything, which means there's always something new to enjoy---be it hiking in the summer, watching the leaves change in the fall, rejoicing in the silent snow of winter, or watching the flowers bloom in spring.

And remember, if you're thinking of buying a home out here in Highlands Ranch, I'd love to help you find the perfect spot in our community that will let you enjoy every season to its fullest. Reach out to me, and let's talk about your new home, come rain or shine (or snow)!

Make sure to check out WeatherSpark for some great visualizations and more in-depth data, it's a fun way to get excited about your potential new home!

Thinking about making a move and want to discuss it further? Give me a call; I'd be happy to share more insights and help you start this exciting chapter in Highlands Ranch. Let's find a place where you'll love the weather outside your window every day of the year!

Let's find your new home!

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