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Understanding Internet Options in Highlands Ranch for Home Buyers

Hey there! If you're looking at homes in Highlands Ranch, you're probably wondering about internet service and speeds, especially if you work remotely.

Unfortunately, there is not much of a choice in most of Highlands Ranch, Xfinity is likely the only provider for most addresses. Xfinity here offers cable internet, not fiber. However, cable can still deliver comparable download speeds of around a gigabit per second. Upload speeds however, are limited due to how the cable infrastructure works.

Why Only Cable for Highlands Ranch?

The simple answer is timing. Highlands Ranch witnessed substantial development in the 1990s, a time before residential fiber-optic internet was a thing. As a result, the infrastructure built then didn't include fiber. Upgrading to fiber across the entire community would be a considerable endeavor, both logistically and financially. This sometimes happens, but requires a significant investment from the fiber company and requires digging up near everyone's yard. So, while it's a bummer, cable internet is currently the card we've been dealt and will likely be that way for a long time. And it's not all that bad, especially with Xfinity's gigabit service.

Xfinity Pricing:

From what I can see, the current offering for various Highlands Ranch addresses is:

  • 75mbps: $20/mo (does not include unlimited bandwidth or wifi equipment)
  • 200mbps: $30/mo (also does not include unlimited bandwhich, which is practically a must these days)
  • 400mbps: $50/mo (this plan and higher plans DO include unlimited data)
  • 800mbps: $60/mo
  • 1000mbps: $65/mo
  • 1200mbps: $70/mo (this is actually faster than what Quantum Fiber provides in newer areas)

I find that anything over 100mbps is fine for most households. All of these plans are pretty solid choices, much better than the 5mbps that many homes with older cable tech are stuck with.

Note that most of these plans have some sort of discount for the first year or two, and are often times over double the price once that expires. (e.g. the 200mbps plan goes from $30/mo to $63/mo the third year)

Alternatives: What About 5G Home Internet?

Now, you might hear buzz about 5G providers like T-Mobile offering home internet. It sounds cutting-edge, and it is, but it's not without its drawbacks. While T-Mobile's 5G service can offer decent speeds and sometimes competitive pricing, reliability can be a concern. You see, 5G relies on a denser network of cell towers and can be affected by physical obstructions and distance from the tower. It is a wireless technology, which is less ideal than a physical cable or fiber connection.

Also, as a real estate agent, I've seen clients struggle with bandwidth caps and prioritize internet reliability over potential speed offered by 5G services. Sure, it's there as an option, but it's more of a backup plan or for those who are a bit more flexible with their internet needs.

Making the Right Choice for Your Home

As you look for that perfect spot in Highlands Ranch, keep this info in mind. You're likely to be using Xfinity, and while their gigabit cable is not the latest technology, but is good enough for most households.

Feel like there's more to discuss or questions you have? Reach out to me---I'm here to help make sure your home is a fit for all your needs, connectivity included. And when you're ready to find that Highlands Ranch home, I'd love to help you through the process. Let's connect!

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