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Potential New Homes in Highlands Ranch!

While most of Highlands Ranch was developed in the 90's and early 2000s, there are a small number of new build lots available on the horizon.

As a master planned community, Highlands Ranch has submitted their 77th amendment to Douglas County, which would bring 48 new homes to the westridge neighborhood. These homes would sit on the currently undeveloped tract of land between Cactus Bluff Place and Bitterroot Place.

Site location for the potential new homes
Site location for the potential new homes

The Evolution of the Site

While neighbors consider it open space and will be sad to see it go, this land was not intended to be open space, and was platted for 48 lots back in 1994. However, the land sat undeveloped and the plans were amended to allow the site to become a potential elementary school in 1999. The school was never developed, and the Douglas County School District is considering selling the land for new development.

Homeowner Concerns

Current homeowners hold valid concerns regarding traffic, local services, and community integrity. Oftentimes it seems like developers can build anywhere without regard for the existing community, but fortunately that could not be further from the truth in Douglas County.

Before development can begin, there is extensive planning and research that must take place. The developers must hold public meetings, conduct traffic studies, ensure the area can be served by utilities (water, electric) and fire protection, and commit to keeping the look and feel of the neighborhood.

If you are a concerned homeowner, or a potential buyer, and want to learn more about this, you can read hundreds of pages of public planning documents which contain these studies and reports. These plans are shown in front of the county planning commission and the Douglas County board of county commissioners.

The good news is that they do often listen to valid community concerns. The original plan filed in early 2023 was met with pushback, which the developer has responded to. Mainly, homeowners were concerned that a through-street would result in increased traffic and speeding, and were disappointed to see their open space disappear. You can also listen to some existing homeowner comments in the meeting link above.

Proposed preliminary plan
Proposed preliminary plan

In the final plat, I can now see that the developer has abandoned the through-street idea and will instead go with a cul-de-sac design with a single entrance. There was an issue with the south intersection alignment, where Cactus Bluff Ave was about 10ft off of the proposed plan, which would put an existing home's property in its path.

Unfortunately, no open space will be preserved aside from a small trail which doubles as an easement access route (where the south intersection was proposed), but the filings indicate that the amount of open space in Highlands Ranch is still above the requirements.

Staying Up To Date

I will continue to watch these development plans to see what happens. Being so close to the town center, new homes here will likely sell fast. The lots here will also be about 10% larger than the existing neighborhood lots. Currently you would need to go 15 minutes down the road to Solstice or Sterling Ranch to find new construction homes. This presents an exciting opportunity to build new in a very desirable location.

If this narrative aligns with your home buying vision, let's chat! I'm keen to offer you personalized insights and expert guidance through every step of the home buying process in Highlands Ranch. Reach out, and let's embark on this journey together.

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