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Highlands Ranch Welcomes Two Delectable Breakfast Spots: HashTAG and LePeep

If you're anything like me, a good breakfast can set the tone for an incredible day ahead. Great news for my fellow Highlands Ranch neighbors and foodies: our breakfast game just leveled up with the arrival of two new spots -- HashTAG and LePeep!

HashTAG: Bringing Boozy Brunch Delights to Highlands Ranch

Denver's culinary scene is no stranger to the magic that Troy Guard weaves with his TAG Restaurant Group. Well, now we're in for a treat, because HashTAG has set up shop in Central Park, located next to the UC Health Hospital.

Known for its high-energy vibes and inventive breakfast cuisine, And yes, my fellow brunch enthusiasts, we're talking about the likes of Egg Benedicts, Chilaquiles, Biscuits & Gravy, and those platter-sized hotcakes that'll have you daydreaming for days.

The local buzz is real, and I can just imagine the lively music and aromas of a HashTAG brunch floating through the air this fall. Troy Guard's excitement is contagious: "We've been focusing on expanding HashTAG downtown, but when the chance came about to open in Highlands Ranch, we had to jump on it," he exclaims.

LePeep: Your New Go-To Brunch Spot in Highlands Ranch

LePeep is also setting up shop in the Wildcat Shopping Center, right by King Soopers. Replacing The Lost Cajun, this new location promises to deliver a classic brunch experience, with a splash of Colorado history, considering LePeep originated in Aspen.

Why These Two Breakfast Joints Matter

Now, beyond the obvious reason that fantastic food is a win for everyone, the opening of HashTAG and LePeep means that Highlands Ranch is continuing to see new investment, which is great for property values.

For any house hunters out there thinking, "Could Highlands Ranch be the place for me?" -- let this be another delicious reason to consider calling it home. Reach out anytime, and let's find you a place where great meals and memories are just around the corner.

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