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A Solution to Hard Water in Highlands Ranch

Hey there, future and current homeowners in Highlands Ranch! Have you ever noticed those stubborn mineral deposits on your faucets and showerheads? That's hard water at play, and while it's common in many areas, it's particularly prominent here.

The major drinking water source for Highlands Ranch is the South Platte River and deep underground wells, and while it's safe and meets all standards, it does mean we're dealing with naturally occurring calcium and magnesium -- the culprits of hard water. According to Centennial Water, our local water hardness usually ranges between 11 to 13 grains per gallon, putting us squarely in the 'hard water' category (for reference, hard water is categorized as 9 -- 18 grains per gallon).

Understanding Hard Water

Hard water contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. While not harmful to your health, it can wreak havoc on your home. From my experience in real estate here in Highlands Ranch, almost every homeowner deals with hard water to some extent, so it's something you'll want to address. Hard water will quickly build up in your appliances and pipes, which is why you may notice dishes that are never spotless and faucets that lose their flow over time.

While you can clean this buildup out of some appliances easily, others, such as your water heater, will require professional annual cleaning which can be expensive and doesn't address the source of the problem. Without proper cleaning or mitigation, you can expect your water heater and other water-using appliances to fail early.

The Solution: Water Softeners

Investing in a water softener might seem like an extra expense, but it's a game-changer for your home. A water softener removes the minerals that create buildup (also known as scale) from your water. This means softer skin and hair after a shower, sparkling dishes, and extended appliance life.

The Cost

Over the years, I've seen how a softener can actually save money by reducing wear and tear on a home's plumbing systems and appliances. Unlike other investments like solar, a water softener is not that expensive and will pay off quickly by extending the life of your water heater. Right now I am seeing clients report about $2000 for a water softener install. About half that cost is the unit itself, and half is the labor for installing it.

There is a small recurring cost however... Water softeners work by exchanging hard minerals with either salt or potassium. You will need to buy bags of salt at Home Depot or Ace and add them to your softener about once a month. They are cheap though, under $10 per 40lb bag. Note that there are also "saltless" water softeners out there, sometimes peddled by water filtration companies. Please do not fall for these, as they are not true water softeners and do not work well with our hard water. Make sure the plumber you hire is aware of this and is only installing a salt/potassium unit, and not a gimmicky whole home filtration system.

Don't Overlook the Benefits

An often-overlooked benefit of having a water softener is the potential increase in your home's value. As a real estate professional, I've noticed that homes with water softeners in Highlands Ranch have a little extra appeal to buyers looking to move into the area. They know they're getting a home that has been protected against the effects of hard water.

Feel curious about how a water softener could work in your home, or have any other real estate questions specific to Highlands Ranch? Reach out to me! I'm here to help you navigate the local market and make a house your home, worry-free. Whether it's about water softeners or finding the best neighborhood for your lifestyle, I'm just a message away. Let's chat about your home needs today!

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